Elys DS2 Succubus Manager

Elys DS2 Succubus Manager 24.0

Elys DS2 Succubus Manager is a package for Dungeon Siege and D.S.Broken World
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Elys DS2 Succubus Manager is a package all-in-one for DS2*AllSaves/DS2BW*Allsaves/Elys DS2 Succubus Modlet/Elys DS2BW Succubus Modlet. Elys DS2 Succubus Manager works for Dungeon Siege 2.2 and Dungeon Siege Broken World 2.3.
Main features:
- Five additionals playable character races: Succubus, Vampire, Nymph, Daemon, and Drow.
- Existing races have their starting statistics modified.
- Max character level has been increased from 100 to 125.
- Passive Skills have their progression table modified and their max level increased from 20 to 25.
- Master Powers have been added. They are represented by the 4th level of Powers.
- Max character resistance have been increased from 80% to 100%.
- Your characters will automaticly use potions when their Health Points or Mana Points are down to 33%.
- Monsters Experience and Life scales related to the players party size have been tweaked to be proportional.
- The maximum additional buyable party slots in Single Player are now available from Mercenary difficulty.
- You can now release NPC from the innkeeper. ATTENTION: This will remove permanently the NPC from the current game, and some NPC are required for secondary quests.
- Allow existing standard or "modded" characters to be playable with the modlet.

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